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Important Considerations While Buying property in India

Buying property is one of the crucial decisions that every individual makes once in a while. As buying property is a dream come true for every person, it is one of the biggest achievements. It is important to be vigilant at every step of buying a new property. Before you move towards the final decision, let’s understand a number of factors involved in purchasing a new apartment, plot, or any property. Hereby, we have listed below a number of factors that you need to consider while buying property.


Location is one of the basic factors to consider before you make any decision while buying a property. Property at certain locations proves to be more productive than others due to its locality and neighbouring areas. On the contrary, at some places, neighbouring areas are not developed over time; hence, the rate of property development becomes static in such areas. You must check the scope of property growth before investing in a certain place.


Always go for such properties, where you can easily reside with your family, without any consideration about safety and security. For this, you can have words with the people already living in the neighbourhood areas. Make an informed decision about infrastructure development, schools, markets, hospitals, and other future developments in the surroundings, which may or may not take place.


Budget plays an important role, as it is called a game changer. Buying a property is a long-term decision that requires precise planning. Hence, you have to note down all the expenditures, income, and savings and figure out the budget for how much you can spend while investing. Think twice before you go out of budget, as going beyond can turn out to be a nightmare that will not allow you to enjoy the amenities you receive. Also, explore mortgage options, rates of interest, and the terms and conditions of a home loan so that you can make a deal.

Resale Value 

Calculating the rental and resale value of a property is quite important, as you must know the expected gains you can reap in the future. Even if you want to live in a certain place or are buying it for investment or rental purposes, the value of the property must provide you with financial gains in the upcoming years. Hence, you can inspect in detail the future development plans of the developers as well as the people residing in the surrounding areas.

Connectivity to Roads

Road connectivity is one of the major factors to consider while buying property, especially from the major locations such as your work space, market, medical facilities, bus stop, and express highways. If you need to travel a lot, it is important for you to stay close to a place where you can easily access the transport facilities in order to save time and enjoy hassle-free connectivity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy such places where you have the best connectivity to the developed roads.

Construction Quality

Before you get fascinated by the sample property that is shown to you before making a deal, always go for a reality check by inspecting the quality of the constructed walls, the type of material used, window frames, ventilation, etc. After checking these points, you should also visit the property and take a walk around to get an honest review of the construction quality.

Developers Portfolio 

It is quite unfortunate to say that there are a number of builders in the market that make false commitments to people that are not fulfilled by them after you pay the money. Therefore, it is important to check the builder’s reputation and the projects they have delivered before finalizing any deal. We recommend the builders having a good reputation in the market by checking the reviews of the earlier clients and their experience with the development team.

Additional Costs Involved 

It is always beneficial to ask for any additional costs or any hidden charges involved when it comes to purchasing the property. You must have knowledge of all types of property taxes, such as closing costs, property transfer tax, and legal fees involved in the purchase, after paying the substantial amount to the builder. If you are buying a flat, you also have to pay the maintenance charges as per the facilities you are getting.

I hope, you find this blog helpful and make you well prepared for buying a new asset for you. When you are ready with your list of questions, there are more chances of getting a fair deal done with your builder. You can also compare between two properties and choose the best one for you after making a good bargain deal.

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